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Founded by Michele Barry, Frontis is a boutique consultancy specialising in helping leaders, and leading organisations, to build engagement and support their staff during times of organisational change. Frontis collaborates with those who want to create a highly functional culture of continuous improvement within their organisation, and lead with authority.

 The consultancy caters to the needs of small, medium and large organisations across a diverse range of fields including health, emergency services, education, refugee care, aged care and disability services, mining and industry, in both the private and public sectors. Michele has more than two decades of real-world experience working in these areas, enabling her to drive change, and create and implement strategies that enhance performance and achieve organisational objectives.

Practice Areas.


stakeholder management


Effective influencing & negotiating with multiple stakeholders

change strategy


Set future direction by analysing competitor and industry risks and trends
Change cycle leadership

Transformational Change

Leading Organisations through challenging change cycles
delivery and continuous improvement

Operational Improvement

Service delivery & continuous improvement

Raymond Sexton, CEO, Tangible International

Michele exudes confidence and empathy making her ideal for both executive and consulting roles. Having lived and worked in many jurisdictions around the world it is always an honour for me to meet an individual that has that rare combination of professional competence, deep compassion and exceptional communication skills.

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