About Frontis

Founded by Michele Barry, Frontis is a boutique consultancy specialising in helping leaders, and leading organisations, to build engagement and support their staff during times of organisational change. Frontis collaborates with those who want to create a highly functional culture of continuous improvement within their organisation, and lead with authority.

 The consultancy caters to the needs of small, medium and large organisations across a diverse range of fields including health, emergency services, education, refugee care, aged care and disability services, mining and industry, in both the private and public sectors. Michele has more than two decades of real-world experience working in these areas, enabling her to drive change, and create and implement strategies that enhance performance and achieve organisational objectives.

  Michele’s analytical skills equip her to examine complex problems from a micro or macro perspective and quickly assess the culture of an organisation and the motivations of the people within its teams. Michele’s vibrant energy and straightforward communication style ensures a rapport with others, helping her create essential and sustainable solutions to improve your workplace. 

 In business there is a real need for experienced consultants to help leaders and teams to transform organisational culture.  Michele has tackled a significant number of strategy and engagement projects throughout her career, working with business leaders and their teams to improve their workplaces, workforce and workflow, and has developed extensive expertise as a leader in her field

 The consultancy is open to long or short term projects, Michele regularly works with a range of specialist leaders to create impactful change.

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Michele Barry, Founder

Michele Barry is a business consultant with expertise in engagement, strategy, transformation and operational improvement.

 In 2009 Michele created her own consultancy, Frontis. She uses her extensive knowledge of people, projects and workplace environments to help others make their organisations more efficient and effective.  


 Michele is an established and respected consultant with versatile expertise in change management, engagement and strategy. She has a highly regarded reputation for managing and empowering people, and creating positive outcomes with optimised results for meaningful projects which have a great impact on stakeholders. She is able to apply her experience in public and private health and human service organisations, palliative care, hospital planning, gas, minerals and mining companies, and with charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, to any problem, large or small. 

Michele’s approach and strategic planning excellence, combined with her capacity to plan and implement impactful, sustainable solutions for strategic organisational change, make her a critical part of the success of any project that she takes on. With real world experience in executive roles, she understands what it takes for successful organisational change implementation. Michele uses her engagement and analytical  skills to enhance the teams and organisations she works with.

With Michele on your team,  you get more than just strategy, or change management; you get the benefit of her years of leadership experience, her professional competence and her deep compassion. 

Professional History

Michele’s extensive background in a range of settings has shaped her practice bringing a unique mix of strategic acumen, highly developed organisational engagement, and real world change transformation expertise.

Michele started her career in a local government role. Soon after, she was in a  leadership role when she became a Public Health Officer for Hobson Bay council. When it was time for a new challenge, she worked with the Office of the Public Advocate and the Department of  Justice, advocating for people who couldn’t advocate for themselves. 

By the time Michele was in her late 20s she was managing a team of 80 food delivery volunteers for Hobsons Bay City Council, and later at Vision Australia she managed over 400 volunteers in a range of roles. She learned quickly how to tap into each team member’s motivation. This early understanding of motivational psychology has informed her practice throughout her career and is why she connects so thoroughly with those she works with. It’s not a top down approach, Michele understands that people need incentives to change and develop.

Her career progressed when she took an executive role at Vision Australia and evolved further when she moved to Queensland and was appointed CEO of a not-for-profit (LifeTec) which was ripe for change. Michele found the weak point of the organisation’s old business model and approached the government to adjust their funding. She was able to make fundamental and positive changes in the system, having a profound impact on the organisation and the people it served.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Michele embarked on a challenging role as the  CEO of Better Hearing Australia. She re-aligned and developed important communications processes for the organisation.