Are you able to form healthy leadership relationships?

May 20, 2020

Are you a Passive Aggressive leader? When I ask leaders this question I get a resounding “No” whether they be members of an executive team or a Board of Directors, but is that the truth? Can you handle the truth?

Are you able to form healthy relationships with the people you lead or are you the passive-aggressive type who is two-faced, ambushes in public forums, and creates opportunities to play ego power games, without honest in-person dialogue? The truth about our ego is complex, and like any attribute, ego can be a strength or a liability when it comes to strategic relationships.

Are you a “Respect my authority” type of leader? (South Park fans will relate to this)

Do you only lead with only titles, policies and procedures, and expect everyone to follow your beautiful administration processes without engaging your workforce? Boundaries and processes are important, they clarify expectations and mitigate risk, but without the courage or skills to form healthy leadership relationships, you may end up in a frustrating cycle of productively losses and missed opportunities.

The culture you create will serve you when the chips are down. Before you start scrutinising your team – check out the person in the mirror. The higher you are up in the food chain the more important it is to have soft skills and humanise your role. Not doing this may render you illegitimate in the eyes of those you lead. Bottom line – we are all playing to win. But what are you trying to win?

Profit and or purpose are great motivators for leaders and those in their charge. However for some ill-equipped, less than authentic leaders, so is the thrill of an ambush, a surprise or another win. Power is complex and the aftermath can be complex, expensive and difficult to move forward from.

Leadership starts at the top and that is the perfect place to start a new tempo. It is when the leadership is authentic, brave and honest that a highly functional team can be created.

Michele Barry – Founder of Frontis Consulting and enjoys working with organisations who really do want to create highly functionally cultures, and want to lead with authenticity.