Company Name: Victorian Emergency Service

The Board and CEO of an Australian emergency services organisation needed help to develop an operating model which enabled its frontline employees to allocate more time to public-facing duties.

The approachWorking with IG Partners, Michele supported the CEO and the board to develop an implementation plan to complete the transformation within 6 months. She executed a diagnostic review of the client’s corporate functional structure and productivity, in addition to its operational performance and responsiveness.

Michele invested time in clarifying the role of corporate functions and the required service standards to support the operations.

The resultThe organisation adopted IG’s recommended design which successfully met the goals of the project. The new Management Operating System (MOS) was integrated and adopted by staff. The quality compliance programs were successfully enhanced, and internal processes were improved to impact positively on the organisation as a whole. Better scheduling and rostering processes were instituted for human resource allocation, and dispatch operations became more streamlined.