Company Name: Better Hearing Australia

The organisation needed a consultant to create community engagement, partnerships, and build their profile.

The approach Michele developed a sustainable organisational model for the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank, where donated hearing aids are recycled for those in need. She implemented the first steps to develop a sustainable, evidence-based Tinnitus Program and fostered global relationships, leading to Better Hearing Australia hosting the first Tinnitus Awareness Week in the southern hemisphere. Michele forged partnerships with other national organisations in order to raise the organisation’s profile.

The result This program went on to become a priority project for Rotary Clubs of Australia, enabling people to access the hearing aids they required.

Michele led the creation of the highly successful initiative, enabling recycling of used hearing aids, creating options for people who would otherwise go without, and consequently enabling people to participate more fully in the workforce. Michele’s leadership and innovative ideas led to a national network of partnerships, a 300% increase in donations, and the collection of donations to the value of $4 million over two years.