Company Name: LifeTec Queensland

Before Michele started Frontis Consulting, Michele was the CEO of LifeTec Queensland – where she   Transformed LifeTec on the verge of collapse to profitable, nationally recognised social enterprise. Established significant government contracts, rebranded and relocated business.

The project

The organisation was on the verge of collapse when Michele was employed to lead a restructure of operations and deliver a new service model.

The approach

As the CEO, Michele liaised with unions to create changes to the roles and workflow of the organisation as a whole. She managed a team of allied health professionals ( physiotherapy, OT, speech pathology, welfare), indigenous officers, medical and community leaders across two sites.

Michele established significant government contracts and created alliances and strategic relationships with the University of Queensland. She advocated for clients by collaborating with a national and international disability and health organisations on best practice to improve funding and enable more clients to live at home.

The result

Through a structured business development plan and a range of institutional improvements, Michele transformed LifeTec Australia from a struggling organisation to a profitable, nationally recognised social enterprise. Michele relocated the business, developing a second site in Far North Queensland in 2008. 

As a result of her initiatives, LifeTec achieved a 150% increase in revenue through business development and organisational improvements and increased client services from 12,000 to 20,000 per annum. 8000 more members of the Queensland community had access to these services.

The organisation received the Premier’s Reconciliation Award in 2007 for Indigenous Community Services.