Courage was the game-changer

May 20, 2020

As the founder of Frontis consulting, I love bringing my real-world experience to every project I am involved with.

I have worked in many significant roles in my career and felt the enormous challenge of managing people and leading organisational change.

I first posted this piece on LinkedIn and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Enjoy.

As the new CEO I was terrified.

I needed to turn around an organisation on the brink of failure, the Board had given me a clear directive. We had to change our model of service, our product was unsustainable.

We needed an extreme makeover. But how?

The challenge was huge. But so were the opportunities.

Our consumers loved us, but we needed more to survive.

To capture emerging markets and increase volume the organisation needed a new service model and a new identity.

Scoping a way forward would mean enormous change.

Then six things happened.

  • I got the support of an expert
  • I scoped & retested our vision
  • I challenged my own assumptions
  • I engaged with key stakeholders
  • I recruited my “A” team to assist in finalising & delivering the strategy
  • And finally became confident enough to present the vision to the Board

After enormous scrutiny, they all bought the dream!

And were critical to the success of the our new future.

Change is messy, chaotic and not easy.

Organisational reorientation & change is not for the faint-hearted.

You need the right support, a robust strategy & the right delivery mechanism.

I’m delighted the organisation continues to thrive & reach more Australians with assistive technology solutions.

I now head up my own change consultancy supporting organisations & leaders who have the courage to change.