stakeholder management



“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

True engagement is purposeful and strategic in its approach with a range of stakeholders. Like the spokes of a wheel, the different parts of your organisation have their own functions, but they need to work together to be effective.

Michele uses her extensive engagement experience to work with leaders and organisations to achieve outstanding results through collaboration. She helps organisations, their stakeholders, and their communities, by focusing on their toughest and most complex projects, while building their ongoing capacity to collaborate and engage, across their organisation.

Michele has experience working with government agencies, community groups, industry, and commercial organisations seeking to invest in quality engagement processes.  She is comfortable with complexity, and experienced in engaging people around highly charged, complex and sensitive issues. 

Michele is not afraid to have difficult conversations, or work with the problems and opportunities that conflict, emotion and outrage bring to an issue or decision. She can help you to navigate difficult landscapes. 

Michele helps to build the capacity of organisations and leaders to collaborate effectively with others, especially to address their most complex challenges.

 Michele can offer your organisation :

  • Strategies for creating a collaborative and harmonious working environment
  • Strategies for enhancing community engagement
  • Strategies for enabling collaborations with other organisations
  • Support to engage all the members of your organisation in a plan to address a highly complex social or environmental issue

Michele’s engagement approach includes:

  • Analysing your project and providing advice before the implementation begins
  • Regular evaluation and guidance during the most challenging moments of the project
  • Inviting the views of stakeholders and organisational leaders, and enabling them to work through different options to find satisfactory solutions to their complex problems

Michele has almost 20 years of engagement experience in a range of settings. She has IAP2 certification and brings her vast experience in a range of settings to every engagement role. She is able to:

  • Brief leadership teams, elected representatives and boards
  • Implement training for new processes and goals
  • Facilitate difficult conversations between people in your workplace 
  • Coach leaders (and future leaders) in your organisation to work within new systems
  • Work with your teams to co-design processes which achieve long lasting solutions
  • Present on behalf of your organisation at conferences and symposiums

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