Graeme Shears, CEO, Epilepsy Foundation

Michele was an important catalyst for our national Epilepsy Smart Schools program. Michele identified key project opportunities for improvement, engaged with essential stakeholders and developed enduring national relations that will continue to serve our community. Michele has a positive and engaging style for building good relationships that are at the heart of a successful change […]

Helen Bundock, Director, Speak in English language School

Michele is innovative and inspirational. She is clear in her vision and eloquent in her communications! Having her on your team and building your team is the best business decision you can make, ‘game changing’ is really what she does best! 

James Reynolds, Treasurer, LifeTec Queensland

Having been a witness and stakeholder to your approach to making wholesale transformation of an organisation that today continues to go from strength to strength. Your drive and courage to lead what was then a not-for-profit service provider from a “hobby-farm” model into an organisation with renewed focus, brand presence and a professional service delivery […]

Jenny Lee, Director, JL Associates (formerly LifeTec)

Michele has extensive demonstrated skills in organisational change management, team leadership, excellent external stakeholder engagement and strategic partnership and relationship building.

Kartik Natarajan, President, Better Hearing Australia

Michele was able to position our organisation to strategically focus and prepare for growth, re-orient our offering and raise BHA’s media profile. This enabled us to diversify revenues through new partnerships and position us well as an agent for change in raising awareness of hearing loss across the country.

Mirella Prasad, Enterprise Change Manager, Equifax

Michele leads by example and has the ability to see the big picture even when working with the minutest of details. She has excellent interpersonal communication skills and is emotionally, very intelligent. Her stakeholder management and influencing skills are exceptional.

Raymond Sexton, CEO, Tangible International

Michele exudes confidence and empathy making her ideal for both executive and consulting roles. Having lived and worked in many jurisdictions around the world it is always an honour for me to meet an individual that has that rare combination of professional competence, deep compassion and exceptional communication skills.

Tony Clark, Assistant Director of Engagement and Communication, Victorian Building Authority and Chairperson, Institute of Public Participation IAP2

Dealing with difficult change management issues her ability to think and work outside the box delivered results. I have no hesitation in recommending Michele.